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Are you facing an issue while logging in to Haptik?

Hello everyone,

So, if you are not able to login into Haptik, you should do the following checks,

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection and see if that is causing an interruption at the time of logging in.
  • You should try the "Forgot Password" option, at the time of logging in. Make sure you are using the same email id, that you had used at the time of registering on Haptik.
  • When you receive the "reset password" link on your mail id, you need to understand that it is a one-time link, which is... (More)

Are you wondering as to why is an Agent marked "On a Break" on Smart Agent Chat?

Hello everyone,

So, at times, the Agents are marked "On a break" automatically on the Smart Agent Chat tool, and there are various reasons for this. Let us understand each of them -

  • An Agent's status can be marked "On a break" if there is no activity on the system. The reason this is done is to make sure that the chats get assigned to only active agents.
  • Another reason for the agent being marked "On the break" is that you must have ticked the "Chat Agent Inactive Auto Logout" permission while... (More)

Are you facing this issue where you are able to access your bot on the Staging Environment, but the same bot is inaccessible on Production Environment?

Hello everyone,

So, it might happen that you are able to access your bot on Staging Environment, but on the other hand when you move to the Production Environment, suddenly you lose access to your bot.

  • In such cases, you should first check if you have an account in the Production Environment. If you do not have an account on Production, then you should create a new user on Production, with the same credentials that were used on the Staging Environment.
  • Secondly, you should also check if you have access to the particular bot on Production.
  • You should also check... (More)

What to do if the data is not showing up on Intelligent Analytics?

Hello everyone, 

So, if there is an issue with the data on the Intelligent Analytics tool, you should initially check if this issue is on Staging or on the Production Environment. On the Intelligent Analytics tool, the data is only stored for the latest 90 days. You will not be able to see the data older than that. 

Apart from that, you should also cross-check the downloaded report from Intelligent Analytics, with the data available on the dashboard in order to ensure there is no inconsistency between the two.