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Asked a question 11 months ago

We are live with Haptik on Whatsapp. We want to use Interakt now. We just want to know how do we migrate now cause embedded login won't let us move forward as the Whatsapp API number is already registered and active.

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Hi @Shreerang29 

You'll follow the steps listed over here to migrate from Haptik to Interakt. Do note that since the process is complex; it's better to be owned by a Haptik CSM or PM.

1) Need container & network whitelisting

(Usual Time Taken: 1 week)

For Interakt to connect with the container and send/receive messages, the container needs to be whitelisted.  

Please reach out to your CSM to raise a ticket for the same.

2) Once the whitelisting is done and confirmed, drop an email to support@haptik.ai16 for configuration. @Varun Deshpande20 or someone from the Interakt team will be able to assist. Parallelly, the client signs up and not proceed with any of the steps.

Details to be shared with the Interakt team :

1.) Client Name  

2.) Client Email  

3.) Client Contact Details  

4.) Container Details: base url, username, password, certificate, 2fa pin, namespace

5) WABA id

Once the client has signed up and the account has been configured with container details, the account can be used to send notifications via Interakt.

Overall, this entire process can take around 5-10 days.