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What's New?

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Use "Intent Discovery" to build better Bots, easily and quickly!

Intent Discovery is the quickest and the most effective way for building a new bot, as it uses the existing information sources for this purpose. It primarily uses your previous chatbot conversations, the support tickets you had received previously, and also your Knowledge Base. It compiles all of this data to train your bot.

With all this data, you can ensure the fact that you have built a very user-friendly bot, that encompasses the use-cases that have already been asked in the past, as well as uses the capability of your Knowledge Base to address the user's queries with the... (More)

Introducing NEW "Attachments" Icon

Yes, we have now added a new icon to our bot's conversation screen, which is the Attachments icon. With this icon being added to the bot, a lot of things have gotten easier.

Previously, every time a user wanted to share a file in the conversation, the agents had to send the File-attachment-HSL to the user in the conversation, after which the user was able to send the files. But now, it has become very easy for the users to just click on the attachment icon and send files to the agents. Agents also need not store the file attachment-HSL... (More)

Making Context Retention easy for Logged-in Users!

Hello everyone,

From now on, the Chat History for the logged-in users will be stored on our Haptik's SDK, so that whenever the user comes back to the bot, the user is able to have the context of their previous conversations with the bot.

Previously, this chat history was not stored, and due to this the users had to start the conversation all over again, which was a time-consuming thing, and it was not a feasible option for the users, as well as for the bot. Now, with their chat history being stored, the context of their previous conversations would... (More)

Did you know you could change the language of the bot easily?

Hello everyone,

When you have a multilingual bot, you can expect your users to have a conversation with the bot in different languages supported on it. In such cases, the users should be able to change the language of the bot seamlessly.

To make this easier for the users, we have added the Language Switcher icon right beside the composer area of your bot, and the users can simply tap on it and select the language as per their preference.

You can read more about it, here.