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Haptik Help Forum

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Can I import a custom library inside Haptik's code step? Like a pdf generator?

Hello @Hardip Vaghasiya ,

The artifactory credentials are provided by our backend team. Our Support team should be able to help you here, I have reached out to them to get back to you with the details.

Hope this helps.

Rakhshee Shaikh
Lead Analyst - Implementation

Can we have a carousel without an image? If yes, how will the UI look like to the end users?

Hey Rakhshee,

So we only support graph nodes upload for now. The reason is, even if you are able to upload output nodes, you won't be able to upload code nodes and output nodes have to be tied to their respective code nodes.

Moreover, we need to specify the condition on which a particular output node is connected to its corresponding code node. In a bulk upload(which is mostly a CSV), such nested relations could quickly become a mess. We thus stick to bulk uploads for simpler and more straightforward use cases.

Hope this answer helps.